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These terms of use apply to the use of the website www.uppsalabusinesspark.se, (“the website”), is provided by Corem Property Group , corporate identity number 556463-9440, email: info@uppsalabusinesspark.se.

Information contained on this website

This website has been developed to present our vision for Uppsala Business Park 2035.

Uppsala Business Park (UBP) is already an active business park, which means that certain parts of the area’s properties, premises and services are fully functional at present. The remaining parts of the area are under production, planning and development. Consequently, some of the website’s content may include plans and projections of the area that will not correspond with the final design. The website will be developed and updated as the vision is clarified and realized. We reserve the right to delay updating the website to reflect current plans. For current status, please contact sara.brannstrom@uppsalabusinesspark.se.

Information published on the website contains approximate information about future projects, such as planned construction projects, business plans, etc. Such information cannot be interpreted as an offer, invitation to, or association with financial instruments, investment or legal or tax advice. This information has been produced at an early stage of the UBP project and therefore deviations in relation to contracts and other documents may occur.

Campaigns and competitions

We are present on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you would like to mention us, please use the hashtags #uppsalabusinesspark or #ubp, or tag us with @uppsalabusinesspark or @ubp. If you tag us in this way, you agree to our use of your tagged images to market our services.


All material on the website, including copyrighted material, trademarks, and images belong in their entirety to Corem or Corem’s licensors and may not be copied, modified, or otherwise made available by any party other than Corem. Material may only be shared to the extent that, according to our judgement, it is not to our detriment.

All use of tools to collect, copy, link and/or redistribute information and material on and/or from our website by, for example “scraping”, ”framing”, web spiders, bots, crawlers, avatars or other types of intelligent agents, is forbidden.

Third party services

Our website may be integrated with, or be linked to, third party services, for example communication and support services. The use of, and interaction with, such third-party services may be subject to the third-party terms of use of these third-party sites.

Changes to these terms of use

We may need to update these terms of use as and when we deem necessary. Notification of updated terms of use will be published on www.uppsalabusinesspark.se.

Contact details

If you have any questions associated with these terms of use, please contact: info@uppsalabusinesspark.se.

Last updated 13 January 2023

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