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Designed to inspire, innovate and rapidly industrialize life-changing solutions, Uppsala Business Park is a magnet for fresh-thinkers ready for real acceleration.

It’s where innovations become businesses. Where scale-ups take off. Where talent relocates. A place for companies to connect, collaborate and create together.

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Uppsala Business Park

The ideal strategic location for innovation

Uppsala is a vital part of the dynamic Stockholm/Uppsala life science cluster in Sweden. Uppsala Business Park (UBP) is situated at the heart of this area. This is where the internationally renowned pharmaceutical company Pharmacia created an innovative environment for research and development for the life science and biotech industry. From this great location, it’s just 30 minutes’ to Stockholm Arlanda Airport – making UBP a truly global destination for business and innovation.

The perfect location for collaboration

UBP is the perfect location for collaboration and innovation for companies working with life-changing solutions and offers extensive opportunities for collaboration. It is located close to Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, Uppsala University Hospital, the National Veterinary Institute (SVA), the Swedish Food Agency, and STUNS, (The foundation for collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, business and society).

Close to everything you need

At UBP, everything is within reach: restaurants, shopping and services, hotels, long-stay accommodation, gyms, padel courts and much more. UBP also provides a choice of areas for relaxation, recreation, and exercise. Uppsala offers easy access to everything. Regional commuter, and express trains, bus services, and the E4 motorway connect UBP to Stockholm Arlanda international airport and of course the Swedish capital. A mix of transport options – including a frequent bus service – will link UBP with the centre of Uppsala. Cycle and pedestrian paths between the city and UBP are also planned.


Community that drives innovation

UBP Community is an active network based on ambition, knowledge sharing, and the will to make a difference. UBP Community runs collaborative projects, events, lectures and other initiatives that bring together ideas, people and companies into a growth-creating and inspiring cluster that drives innovation.

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Come together

Collaboration is a catalyst for fast-growing companies that want to create outstanding innovation and develop sustainable products, services, and manufacturing.

We provide the environment needed to bring together ideas that drive life-changing solutions. We create opportunities for people and companies to learn from each other, to collaborate, to co-create, and grow.

Join the Community and get inspired

The creation of great ideas often includes a solid base of knowledge combined with new perspectives. We believe that one of UBP's most important strengths is that it is a meeting place for inquisitive minds.

UBP Community works actively to bring together companies, people and ideas by arranging a wide variety of events and activities - everything from networking over a breakfast coffee and forums for sharing experiences, to speed mingling with potential partners and in-depth seminars with inspirational guest lecturers sharing their latest insights. All events are designed to increase knowledge and promote the spirit of innovation.

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Outstanding services that accelerate growth

UBP is where great ideas are created and developed into products and services that contribute to life-changing solutions. To further support this, we have developed Growth Services that helps facilitate success journeys. This provides companies with access to expert knowledge, advanced technical equipment, business development and funding. UBP also offers a wide range of services for employees that promote well-being and a healthy work-life balance.

Growth Services

Flexible space that enables growth

We know that a company's needs in terms of premises change throughout its growth journey - flexibility is key to enabling growth.

Planned facilities at UBP offer built-in flexibility so that functions and interiors can be rapidly changed. This will make it easier to scale up or down, and to alter functions. Lease contracts can be long or short, and a degree of flexibility is possible during contract periods. The idea is simple: we want premises to be continually adapted to your operational needs, and thereby contribute to your success.

Ambitious climate action

We intend to lead the way to a zero-carbon economy. We boost innovation and drive sustainable growth by setting science-based emissions reduction targets throughout the development of UBP.

The well-designed and unique solutions planned for UBP are intended to give your company a competitive and sustainable advantage. These include the use of shared assets to the development of one of the first Positive Energy Districts (PED) in Europe. Read more about PEDs here.

Sustainability defines UBP. By sharing common resources such as flexible office space, meeting rooms, mobility hubs and shared services, we improve sustainability, boost your profitability and strengthen your brand.

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Accelerating research

Research Hub is our concept for research and development companies. A well-thought-out offering where lab environments, technical equipment and common service areas create the best conditions for companies of the future. Here there is room for local start-ups with great ambitions, as well as global enterprises, to create life-changing solutions.

Create and innovate

Companies conducting a high degree of innovation-based activities need technologically advanced facilities. We have extensive experience of research facilities and world-class labs, and we understand the specific needs these advanced environments entail. Due to high demand for lab premises in the Uppsala area, we are expanding by building new Research Hub premises.

Research Hub contains premises equipped for advanced laboratory activities, modern offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, break spaces, technology and changing rooms. We can also offer a variety of services such as GMP classification.

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Research Hub

Accelerating industry

Factory Hub offers efficient production environments with adapted premises for research and administration in close proximity to one another. Gathering all their activities in one location enables manufacturing companies to increase collaboration and improve efficiency.

Create and collaborate

With Factory Hub, you get premises with lots of daylight, well-planned interiors, and the option of a mezzanine. The premises are built with flexible solutions and glass sections, inviting transparency within businesses and between employees. This makes it possible to shorten the distances between staff working in production, labs, clean rooms, offices, warehouses and cargo spaces. Communal areas with larger meeting rooms, kitchens, break spaces, patios and changing rooms are located at the centre of the building and make it possible to benefit from the advantages of the sharing economy and collaboration.

Let there be light

Daylight is vital for people's wellbeing. And while conventional production facilities are typically light-deprived, we have designed production facilities at UBP to be exceptionally light, maximizing the amount of time people will be able to work in daylight.

Spaces for your ambition

Factory Hubs are well-thought-out, state-of-the-art production facilities for companies about to start production or need space to expand. They offer capacity for large-scale, tailor-made production facilities, next door to research and administration activities. It is also possible to share spaces with other companies, for example, kitchens, toilets, meeting rooms and similar functions.

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Factory Hub

Accelerating collaboration

Office Hub offers a wide range of solutions for all types of companies, from start-ups to global enterprises. In well-designed, modern premises, we offer sustainable and efficient solutions that contribute to your business development. UBP's unique collaborative character means there are always opportunities for collaboration and access to community and growth-driving services.

Premises that grow as your business grows

The Office Hub concept has three different levels offering premises for companies of all sizes.

The first level is co-working – perfect for small start-ups or larger tenants that need extra space for new projects and additional expertise. A highly flexible option, you share all office space with other companies.

The second level is a co-working/communal office hybrid ideal for small- and medium-sized companies. You have private workspace for your company, and share communal spaces such as kitchens, toilets and meeting rooms with other companies. A particularly cost-efficient and sustainable option.

The third level is the corporate office. We can help your company with layout, colour scheme and interior design to best suit your plans and needs.

A new type of hybrid workspace

The second level is our new innovative hybrid, co-working/communal solution that offers private areas for individual companies, and shared spaces to which several companies have access. This modern approach makes financial sense and reduces your environmental footprint.

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Office Hub

Co-working for maximum flexibility

Our highly flexible Office Hub co-working solution is perfect for companies looking to rapidly scale up or down. It is primarily aimed at small growth companies with a small number of employees, although it is also popular among medium-sized and large tenants that need extra space for new projects and additional expertise. As with all our office solutions, any rented space includes access to surrounding collaborative communities and growth services that drive growth.

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Built on a proud history

The heart of the existing Uppsala Business Park site is dominated by the former Pharmacia buildings. Back in the 60s, this is where the foundations were laid for high-class research in multiple fields – research that has given the site a well-founded and impressive reputation in life science around the world. Pharmacia prepared for future expansion by buying agricultural land, roughly the same size as UBP today.

In 1971, the main Pharmacia building was awarded the Kasper Salin Prize with the motivation: “The facility is an example of buildings where the requirements for technical rationality and a good working environment have been combined in a strong artistic design.”

For many decades, world-leading research and high-quality production of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic instruments was conducted here. Work that has made vital contributions and improvements to health worldwide.

In 2006, real estate company Klövern acquired a large section of the UBP area, and the Uppsala Business Park brand was established. Today, Uppsala Business Park is home to almost 100 life science companies, many of them world-leading in their fields of expertise.

How can we help you?

We know, there is a lot to be curious about regarding UBP. We will be happy to answer all your questions, and if you feel like it, we can offer you a guided tour of the UBP area.

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